1 March 2024 @ DumBO, Bologna GEMINI presents: 2manydjs & YĪN YĪN GEMINI returns with the electrifying live energy of YĪN YĪN and the musical explorations of 2manydjs.

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On Friday, March 1, 2024, the Netherlands meets Southeast Asia at DumBO’s Binario Centrale with the electrifying live energy of YĪN YĪN. That same night, the Dewaele brothers, aka 2manydjs, are back to get us dancing with their explorations – and fusions – of genres and sounds that have made them iconic.

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YĪN YĪN was formed in Maastricht by a group of DIY party organizers. Founders Yves Lennertz and Kees Berkers began their journey by recording a cassette that showcased influences and references to Southeast Asian music from the ’60s and ’70s.

Once the artistic idea took shape, they gathered in a rehearsal space to record their music, armed with a multitude of instruments, a couple of microphones, and some friends. This is how YĪN YĪN was born and, after a lineup change, Kees Berkers, Remy Scheren, Robbert Verwijlen, and Erik Bandt set off in 2022 to conquer the stages of Europe with a live performance of irresistible charge.

Their debut album, The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers, was released in 2019; The Age of Aquarius followed in 2022; and the recently released single The Year of the Rabbit precedes their third album, Mount Matsu.

From politically incorrect prog-rock to funky R&B, from trendy hiptrop to German techno, the selection that 2manydjs bring to the decks always pleases everyone. In addition to being the president of the Belgian Association of Carpenters (Stephen) and a black belt in tae kwon do (David), the Dewaele brothers are also masters at blending the best products of music history into a catchy, fun, and intriguing groove exploration.

Originally formed in 1995 as “Soulwax,” a rock band that increasingly shifted towards electronic and electro music, since 2007, under the name 2manydjs, they have taken on the role of DJs capable of blending together any classic: from Grandmaster Flash, Beck with Prodigy, and Beastie Boys against Herbie Hancock to INXS against AC/DC.

The Dewaele brothers, aka 2manydjs, aka Soulwax, are also the founders of Deewee: a building in Ghent that houses a studio, a label, a record collection, and a publishing house.



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